Our Church

We are a Christian church, joining with believers everywhere in proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ and embracing the historic trinitarian creeds of the faith.  We value our Wesleyan-Holiness heritage and believe it to be a way of understanding the faith that is true to Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience.  We believe that God is active in his people by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, empowering us to live a godly life in our world.  Bethany Church is called to partner with God in his redemptive mission to our community, our region, and our world.  Our mission is to glorify God in worship and spiritual formation making him known in our world through evangelism and acts of service.

Humble Beginnings

See how far we’ve come and the future is brighter than ever!

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What They Say

It is full of family some of my favorite people ever.. Even though they are not blood-related they open their hearts and arms and accept me and others into their lives. I have been attending the Church since 2000.

Christina Santana